3 Years in Japan

I spent 3 years in Japan on the JET Program

Visiting a Japanese barber

Let’s go back to my first visit to a Japanese barbershop… As I walked in, an elderly gentleman was just finishing having his hair cut, and the lady who was working with … Continue reading

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Naked in Japan

I’m doing that crazy I-don’t-know-if-I-should-bow-or-shake-hands thing when being introduced to a Japanese man, so we end up doing both. My American friend is introducing us after bumping into him in … Continue reading

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Alone in Tokyo

Five years before I did the JET Program I decided to go to Japan for a month. By myself. I was 19 and woefully unprepared. It was the final part … Continue reading

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JET changed my life

It is now more than fifteen years since I left Japan, which is indeed a very long time! Yet, current JET participants have read this blog and said they identify … Continue reading

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Thank you to everyone that has read this blog about my experiences in Japan. It was a mammoth task trying to write about those three years of my life. I … Continue reading

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July 16th: farewell

2000 Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my arrival in Japan. I met up with four of my 8th grade students this afternoon; they’re in a band and had … Continue reading

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July 15th: cycles

2000 I bought a bike from a JET friend who is leaving, and tested it out this afternoon by cycling along the beaches; such a wonderful sense of freedom. The … Continue reading

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July 12th: slump

2000 Instead of visiting my usual elementary school, I was invited to visit a different one, in a nearby village. I was surprised to find that there are only two … Continue reading

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July 10th: plum

2000 Had some fun classes at school, but lunch was the highlight of the day; the student next to me was playing with the plum on his tray, so I … Continue reading

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July 8th: Tokyo Disneyland

2000 Our night bus to Tokyo followed a typhoon all the way there. The morning rain in Tokyo dampened our spirits, but once we arrived at Disneyland we quickly saw … Continue reading

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